Yang - Song - Composer


Poem @ ensemble festival

for prepared piano and computer 

Interpreter: Pascal Meyer

Website Link: Luxemburg, 17th Sep. 2022

new work @ Gaudeamus Festival 2022

for  violin, clarinet, piano, percussion and electronic

Interpreter:Ensemble Resilience

Website Link: De Nijverheld, Utrecht, Netherlands, 11th Sep. 2022

Mixed Music Interpretation workshop @ Manifeste-2022, the academy


Website Link: ManiFeste Academy, Paris/France, July 2, 2022


In Einem Moment 须臾 @ studiokonzert saarbrücken

for  orchestra and electronics

Interpreter: German Radio Phiharmonic

Conductor: Martyn Brabbins

Website Link: Saarländischen Rundfunk Saal, Saarbrücken/Germany, 20th May 2022

Petrichor @ Tenor 2022

for violin, Saxophone , Percussion and Accordion

Interpreter: C Barré Ensemble

Website Link: Musicatreize, Marseille/France, 10th May 2022


Khoomei @ Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart Workshop concert

for 3 voices and accordion

Interpreter : Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart  

Website Link: Stuttgart /Germany, 20th March 2022

Nomardic Sound @ TRIO ESTATICO Amsterdam CONCERT

for viola trio

Interpreter : Paul Beckett, Megumi Kasakawa, John Stulz

Website Link: Amstelkerk, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 3rd April 2022

Phoenix Eye, Dragon Eye 龙眼,凤眼  @ Biomechanics Festival Moscow

for cello, gesture, live video and electronic

Interpreter : Yulia Migunova

Video : Yang Song and collaboration with Sébastien Naves

Website Link: Rachmaninov Hall , Moscow Conservatory, 2nd Feb. 2022


Nomardic Sound @ TRIO ESTATICO - New Year's Day ONLINE CONCERT 2022

for viola trio

Interpreter : Paul Beckett, Megumi Kasakawa, John Stulz

Website Link: TRIO ESTATICO Composers Workshop 2021, Paris/France, 1st Jan.2022


Scattered Views 散景 @ 2021 Seoul International Online Composition Festival "RE-CREATE"

for string quartet

Interpreter : NMK Orchestra

Website Link: Seoul/Korea, 18th Dec. 2021

Phoenix Eye, Dragon Eye  龙眼,凤眼   @ Concert Cursus 2021

for cello, gesture, live video and electronic

Interpreter : Yi Zhou 

Video : Yang Song and collaboration with Sébastien Naves

Website Link: Le CENTQUATRE-PARIS, Paris/France, 12th June 2021


Ephemeral @ Schlagend / Populist (commission)

for Vibraphon solo

Interpreter : Philipp Gattringer

Video Link: Reaktorhalle,  München/Germany, 10th June 2021  


The Envoy 信使 @ Zhejiang Conservatory Chamber Opera Composition Competition Concert ( 1st prize)

Libretto: Katherina Kinzel, Andreas karl

Soprano: Milena Damnjanović   Tenor: Weilong Tao

Conductor: Yuanyuan Cui   Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra

Video Link: Opera House of Zhejiang Conservatory, Hangzhou/China, 25th Dec.2020


Serein @ Karl Amadeus Hartmann-Gesellschaft (commission)

for Violin and Zither

Violin:Florian Schötz

Zither :Claudia Höpfl

Video Link: Karl Amadeus Hartmann-Gesellschaft, München/Germany 22th Sep. 2020


Chant de l'océan @ Franz Josef Reinl-Stiftung „Reinl-Preis 2019 “(2nd prize)

for flute, harp, contrabass

Interpreter : Ensemble Concetto:x 

Website LinkFranz Josef Reinl-Stiftung, Austria,  28th June 2019

Déjà-vu @ 11. Saarbrücker Komponistenwerkstatt, Théodore-Gouvy-prize ( 1st prize)

for orchestra

Interpreter: German Radio Phiharmonic

Conductor: Manuel Nawri

Website Link: Saarländischen Rundfunk Saal, Saarbrücken/Germany, 7th June 2019

Petrichor @ zone expérimentale (workshop)

for violin, Saxophone , Percussion and Accordion

Interpreter : zone expérimentale

Audio Link: Basel Conservatory, Basel/Switzerland, 29. May 2019

Scattered Views  散景 @ Tongyeong Music Festival 2019 (commission)

for string quartet

Interpreter : Arditti Quartet

Website Link: Tongyeong Music Festival concert hall, Tongyeong/Korea, 5. April 2019


Ripple/飘逸 @ Gyeonggi Korean Orchestra Challenge (commission)

for korean orchestra

Interpreter : Gyeonggi Korean Orchestra

Link: Gyeonggi Concert Hall, Seul/Korea, 17. November 2018

Thawing 融 @ Asian Composers Showcase 2018, INTERNATIONALEN GOETHE-PREIS ( 1st prize)

for Guzheng, violin, viola, cello, contrabass

Interpreter : TIMF Ensemble

Website Link: Tongyeong International Music Festival, Tongyeong/Korea, 7. April 2018

Whale Fall @ Juilliard School Focus! Festival 2018 (commission)

for flute, harp, contrabass

Flute: Mei Stone

Harp: Madeline Olson

Double Bass: John mcGuire

Website Link: Juilliard School, New York/USA 25. Jan 2018


A Hunger Artist @ Shanghai International Arts Festival (commission)

new music theatre for one actor, five musician and video

Interpreter : Hand Werk ,Hendrik Vogt, Ashley Morgen, Angelika Knyazeva

Shanghai Duanrui Theater, Shanghai/China,  21th, 22th October 2017

Kunststation St.Peter, Cologne/Germany, 3th November, 2017

Der Sprung ins kalte Wasser @ Vareler Kompositionspreis (3rd prize)

for string quartet

Interpreter : Kairos-Quartett

Vareler Hafen Salle, Vareler/Germany, 13th August 2017,

zittern @ klassenabend

for ClarinetCello and Piano

Video Link: Cologne Conservatory, 7th June 2017



Poem @  klassenabend

for prepared piano and computer 

Video Link: Freiburg Conservatory, 1st Feb. 2019


Nugula @ Darmstadt 48th Internationale Ferienkurse für neue Musik (workshop)

for Cello and Piano

Cello: Katherine Philp

Piano: Ashley Zhang 

 Darmstadt academy concert hall, Darmstadt/Germany, 26th August 2016



Geletahin 嘎勒塔音 @ China National Art Foundation (commission)

for big orchestra

The Rhythmus of Chord 鼓书弦韵 @ Singapore Ding Yi Music Company’s (DYMC) Composition 2015 ( 1st prize)

for Zhudi, Erhu, Pipa, Guzheng, Percussion 

Interpreter : Ding Yi Ensemble

Video Link: Singapore, 7th. August 2015 


Acho of Qin 琴唤 @ central conservatory of music, Beijing dance academy

for dance and ensemble

Choreographer: Yang Jia, Ruili Guo

Interpreter : Ensemble ConTempo Beijing

Video Link:  National Grand Theater of China, Beijing/China, 5th May 2014

The Wind of the Prairie 塔霖萨籁 @ The 2nd Voice of China Composition Competition ( 1st prize)

for Flute, Oboe, Erhu, Pipa and Zheng

Interpreter : Wind-Kraft Ensemble, Cangxiao Li, Liangzi Li, Shengying Gu

Video Link: Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing/China, 24th July 2014



for Guzheng (Chinese Zither) Solo

Interpreter :  Liangzi Li

Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing/China, 30th Dec. 2013